1-800-313-3433 is the creation of Bonnie Reilly and husband Dennis. This effort we hope will allow us to better communicate with the ever growing number of our repeat customers. Thank You! We really appreciate your business.

We've been in the business of sewing things for over 30 years. We began in the early 1970's with several other people designing and developing some of the first soft body armor (bullet- proof vests) worn by American law enforcement officers. After a successful 15 year stint in the vest business we decided to re-prioritize and took our two teenaged sons Jeff & Richard out of high school (They did a correspondence course on the trip) and went sailing for 18 months on our boat "Argonauta". The trip took us from Traverse City, Michigan down the Great Lakes, out the Erie Barge Canal, Down the East Coast to the Bahamas and then back to Traverse City. This trip with our boys was a major highlight in our lives and a nice transition from rat race to self - fulfillment. is the latest generation of the canvas business Canvas Etc. we started in St. Petersburg, Fl. in 1991. Our original intent was to "do something fun with boats" for a living. At Canvas Etc. we had a promotional device. When we did a canvas job we would deliver the customers final bill in a "complementary" boat bag, made of the fabric specified for the job. The idea, of course, was to promote more canvas work. We began, however, receiving quite a few requests for additional bags. We would hear things like, "I love this bag; I know it was a thank you for my business, but would you sell me one for my sister?" Or our all time favorite, "My mother stole my bag. Could I buy another one?"

A light went on, and we decided to design and produce a line of colorful nautical bags that sold like crazy to our canvas customers and local gift shops. It was about then Bonnie decided she would much rather design and produce bags than, "hang off of tuna towers" for a living. The bag business continued to grow. In 1995, we closed the boat canvas shop and devoted all our energies to the expanding bag business. We believe the overwhelming success that our bags have had is primarily due to two factors. The first is our uncompromising dedication to the purchase and use of only the best grade of material and fabrics. Second is our refusal to use "state of the art" (read "cheaper to produce") production techniques. All of our seams are double sewn and bound (with binding, not surged). All of our fabric and materials are hand-laid, hand measured and hand cut. This uncompromising attention to detail, design and function make our bag more costly to produce. However, the difference is apparent and striking. Fortunately for us, our astute customers see, appreciate and are willing to pay for the quality they receive with each and every bonniebag™.